At Home in Hawaii with Ellen

South African-born, Byron-based photographer Gayle Martin knows her way around the bay. After stopping in Byron on a roadtrip eight years ago, she and her husband knew immediately the hinterland was the place for them. Having both grown up surrounded by wide open spaces and fresh air, it seemed like the perfect place to give their future family a similar upbringing – and after six years in the shire, one happy two-year-old and a baby on the way, they haven’t been wrong.

Camera in hand since as long as she can remember, Gayle is well versed in the art of capturing special moments. None, however, are as special as the ones that feature her little love – an animal-loving, veggie-eating, scrunchie-wearing two-year-old with a wild side. With Gayle’s sun-drenched images often highlighting their adventures through the shire, we knew this delightful duo would be the perfect locals to show others where to explore this summer.